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Sketch comedy starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein, based on the oddball characters and settings of Portland, Oregon.

Duration:22 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Portlandia
"A well-intentioned Portland couple wants to know if the chicken they are ordering for dinner had a nice life."
"The Mayor of Portland meets with Fred and Carrie, who are commissioned to write a theme song for the city."
"Fred and Carrie hire a maid only to discover that she is their favorite singer Aimee Mann."
"Fred and Carrie must search the town when the mayor goes missing."
"All of Portlandia is swept up in the excitement of a new music and film festival."
"The Mayor turns to Fred and Carrie to help him put together a big league baseball team."
Season 2 - Portlandia
"Fred and Carrie learn about the art of love as they venture outside of Portland."
"Fred and Carrie learn about the art of love as they venture outside of Portland."
"Spyke and Irys want an unconventional wedding; Toni and Candace have a book signing."
"Fred and Carrie try to escape the city as everyone is turning into a DJ. A couple of overachiever parents try to get their son into the right preschool. Kath and Dave take their rescued dog to the dog park. Two gutter punks assess the best way to beg for money."
"Portland's Police force gets a makeover."
"Portland band takes on a new member."
"Peter and Nance feel old and unsexy."
"Anniversary party at feminist bookstore."
"Fred & Carrie want to ban Olympics."
"The mayor invites Fred and Carrie to meet him for brunch, although he's delayed at one of the city's bridges. Fred and Carrie find themselves in a long line outside the restaurant. Peter and Nancy are well ahead of them: she's insisted they try this place that got a great review in the paper. She's annoyed at Peter's indecisiveness, but he finds a resolute core when she's accused of cutting in line. Feminist bookstore owners are incensed when the brunch line blocks their door, and a frustrated businessman looks for customers. Will anyone get pancakes?"
"The wait for brunch with Fred and Carrie is even longer in this one-hour edition of Portlandia's \"Brunch Village.\""
Season 3 - Portlandia
"Peter and Nance struggle to keep off winter weight; Candace's son visits the feminist bookstore during the holidays; artisan curators Bryce and Lisa offer a winter vacation at their newly opened Outlet Hotel."
"Spyke and Iris join forces with a gang of former MTV stars to take back MTV from Tweens. A group of frustrated, unemployed college grads stage a protest on the dance floor. Sandra pines for a mysterious man in her meditation class. Malcolm and Kris attend a meeting to rename a street in their neighborhood. Kath and Dave film an instructional video on how to build a tent."
"The Mayor sends Fred and Carrie on a door-to-door mission in Seattle to recruit new citizens for Portland. A pedicab driver hustles for clients. Peter and Nance prepare for the opening of their Bed and Breakfast with a visit to The Doily Shoppe. Doug and Claire spoil television shows for friends at a dinner party. Toni and Candace investigate a bad Yelp review of \"Women and Women First.\""
"Nina goes to great lengths to throw an extravagant 32nd birthday party for herself. The day-long event is set to include a multitude of activities ranging from sunrise yoga to horseback rides. The party culminates in a Tapas Dinner, thrilling news to Kath and Dave who have just returned from a trip to Spain. A young couple is forced to take out a loan from a local banker to attend Nina's party. Snarky responses to Evites earn a local comedian celebrity status."
"Concerned parents Brendan and Michelle start a band that makes kids music."
"Following an environmental scandal, The Mayor steps down from office and moves off the grid."
"A temp worker hopes to turn her gig as Interim Mayor of Portland into a full-time job with Fred and Carrie's help. A wedding is interrupted."
"Peter and Nance practice hosting friends at the \"Soft Opening\" of their Bed and Breakfast."
"The City of Portland is overrun with art projects. Fred and Carrie's relationship is complicated by their roommate."
"The Rats decide to move out of their newly gentrified neighborhood. First-time parents read various child-rearing books."
"Electricity is shut off for the entire City of Portland due to unpaid bills at the Mayor's Office."
Season 4 - Portlandia
"A young woman is haunted by very informed ghosts. Doug and Claire make a big commitment to one another. Kath and Dave make the most of fifteen minutes. Sandra finally finds a soulmate. Fred is visited by a Date Fact Checker."
"Ecoterrorists protest animal testing at makeup company. Bryce and Lisa Rent it Out. Toni and Candace have a car wash. Fred misses hip hop. Dave helps Kath get a good night's sleep."
"A celery salesman (Steve Buscemi) goes to great lengths to get celery back on the table. 911 dispatchers assure callers that it's beets. The Order Grill is open for lunch. Carrie declares social bankruptcy."
"A punk from the '80s wakes up from a coma. An e-mail goes neglected. Nina has surprising news for Lance. Malcolm and Kris tailgate a Prairie Home Companion live show. Carrie dates a tax lawyer."
"Peter drives Nance to the emergency room. Spyke gets a car. Ghavin has some questions for a singer (Annie Clark) whose band is touring through Portland. Fred and Carrie have a garage sale."
"Carrie and Fred go home after a concert. Fred has an idea for a music documentary. Peter is reunited with his old band, The Bahama Knights and his ex-wife lead singer."
"Kickstarter videos compete at the Can'ts Film Festival (hosted by Gus Van Sant). Toni and Candace coach the Portland Trail Blazers' dance team. Guest starring Gus Van Sant, Paul Allen, The Portland Trail Blazers & dancers."
Season 5 - Portlandia
"A series of health ailments creates a desperate search for medical solutions. Guest starring Ed Begley Jr. and Brigitte Nielsen."
"Portland's Dollar Store recruits Quinn as the face for their rebranding campaign. Spyke faces trial for making unlicensed Bart Simpson merchandise. Guest starring Ed Begley Jr., Matt Groening, and Oscar the Grouch."
"Doug discovers that he is a male feminist; Sandra takes a rideshare for the first time."
"Fred and Carrie's landlord moves into their house. Kath and Dave look to buy a new home for their next renovation project. Guest starring Steve Buscemi and Anna Gunn."
"Kath and Dave scramble to rehearse for a karaoke party. Guest starring Vanessa Bayer, Jeff Goldblum, and Paul Simon."
Season 6 - Portlandia
"The Flaming Lips headline Portland's Pickathon Music Festival; Brendan and Michelle attend the festival via drone."
"Fred wakes up with gray hair and sets out on a journey to figure out how old he is; the Mayor reminds Carrie about an arrangement they made."
"Fred wants to do something big with his life so he moves to Austin; Carrie experiences motherhood."
"The Weirdos decide to go to the beach but issues arise when their hearse breaks down; an office worker is annoyed because his co-workers want to use his new charger."
"Claire has had enough of Doug's behavior and breaks up with him; Claire and Doug date new people and discover surprising things about themselves."
"Kath and Dave's accident leaves them temporarily disabled and feeling insignificant; a car service app user dodges surge pricing by calling a cab."
"Louis C.K. cancels a show in Portland due to a family emergency; Fred and Carrie are asked to judge a plume contest."
"Portland is declared the most feminist city in the country and Toni and Candace try to deal with all of the attention; the town opens a Femi-Mart."
"Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. Lance gets glasses and joins an intellectual crowd. Nina hires a tutor to help her win over Lance's new friends."
"Starring Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein. A tsukemen ramen monster is on the loose in Portland. The mayor tries to impress a major brand visiting Portland and enlists Fred and Carrie to help. Guest starring Kyle MacLachlan."
Season 7 - Portlandia
"Fred and Carrie consult with a storytelling expert; a traveler checks into an unconventional hotel; the weirdos discover a store that specializes in bedding and home beauty products."
"Fred doesn't dig Carrie's beau; Drew and Andy ask about men; Melanie and Lars buy a rug."
"Fred starts a business; Kate and Sam learn the perils of long distance love; Drew and Andy plan a funeral; Nina gives Lance a massage chair."
"Toni and Candace retire; Drew and Andy re-imagine gingerbread cookies; rats consider the charms of squirrels. Dieters rescue a boy in a tiger cage in a zoo."
"Fred has a marriage arranged; a school hires a bully to teach children grit; a man keeps commenting ''Beautiful'' on social media posts."
"Carrie looks for a new friend; Jill tries a radical diet; Drew and Andy host a film festival; Ghavin opens an elaborate box set."
"Fred and Carrie help Portland secede; the eco-terrorists receive an award for Best Protest; Dave and Kath leave notes on cars."
"Nina and Lance have an infestation of ants. The Mayor looks for a world record that will bring tourists to Portland. The Time Tailors evaluate a man's schedule."
"Carrie seeks to raise her passenger rating on Uber; Larry practices firing people; Sandra hits it off with the guy who declines her credit card."
"Sandra gets a pitbull; Fred doesn't understand modeling; Fred and Carrie go to a cyclist protest; Hudson learns about alcohol."
Season 8 - Portlandia
"Spyke gets the band back together. Podcasters investigate a police station. Candace introduces Toni to her childhood home. Brendan and Michelle consider van life."
"Toni & Candace get involved in women's healthcare. Peter & Nance deal with a sushi situation. Kathleen becomes the first female partner at her firm."
"Fred & Carrie help Rachel navigate the world of dating apps. Kath & Dave take on an escape room. Joey tries therapy. Andy & Drew swear off women."
"Nina and Lance tell the story of how they met. Peter and Nance look forward to breakfast. Malcolm and Kris get involved at a community meeting. Gigi and Phil help Amanda plan a wedding. A couple uses distraction cancelling glasses."
"Doug and Claire try polyamory. Shannon needs help parallel parking. VR is used for a meeting. The Mayor wants a helicopter. Fred steps on a snail."
"Sandra discovers she can have it all; Jamie's co-workers help her get over a cold; Fred and Carrie prepare for a natural disaster; Kathleen and Dave learn how to take photo booth pictures."
"The Mayor sets out to prove Portland's diversity. Text message drama unfolds during a business meeting. Activists on a hunger strike take a cheat day."
"Peter and Nance interact with celebrities on social media; Fred gives Carrie a rock n' roll remodel; James rides his bike to work; Gil and George say hello to Toni and Candace."
"The Weirdos lose their favorite trash can which has an adventure around the city. Malcolm and Kris go to the pediatrician. Peter and Nance wonder why they haven't been hacked. Fred and Carrie just give up."
"The Mayor makes deals throughout the town to obtain the very best route for the Portland Marathon. Carrie and Fred enter the race in order to break their love of news alerts. Candace and house guest Dolly are fast to become close friends."
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