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Reno 911!

From the folks that brought you "The State" and "Viva Variety!" are back for some law-enforcement mayhem. Meet the men and women of the Washoe County Sheriff's Department, led by Lt. Jim Dangle (Tom Lennon) -- a straight-and-narrow cop who might...

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Season 1 - Reno 911!
"The seven Sheriffs of Reno introduce themselves to the new camera crew who are filming their every move. And we see just how horribly wrong their every move really is."
"When the Mayor's kid blows his thumb off with an illegal explosive, the officers are put on the line to rid Reno of contraband fireworks."
"When the Sheriff's Department is given only two tickets to an upcoming execution, the officers compete in a scavenger hunt to win."
"When the entire Reno Sheriff's Department is given a drug test, Deputy Johnson discovers that she is pregnant."
"Jones gets suspended from the sheriffs department because he assaulted his partner Deputy Garcia. Weigel is assigned to be Garcia's partner and Jones' punishment along with his suspension is to do traffic control for a public school. Clemmy goes to cheer up Jones, but she sees he is actually enjoying himself."
"When the FBI comes to town to investigate a homicide, the Reno Sheriff's department tries to put their best foot forward."
"Officer Wiegel enjoys the attention when she tries to commit suicide and everyone is assigned to her 72 hour suicide watch."
"Clemmy's deadbeat boyfriend proposes to her unexpectedly, and she gives him a definite yes. The rest of the Reno Sheriffs department believe it will end badly, and they were actually right this time around. Williams throws Clemmy a bachelorette party. Wiegel gives her dead mom a visit."
"It's Garicia's 15th anniversary on the force and he begins to feel depressed because he has spent so much of his life on that job. So the rest of the sheriffs feel obligated to throw him a party, even though they don't really want to."
"When the Sheriff's Department is given $1200 to get people off the streets, Garcia decides to help a hooker improve her life."
"Dangle is moving out of his house and asks for the department's help. Jones is the only one who shows."
"The Office of Homeland Security comes to Reno to teach the Sheriff's Department protocol in case of a terrorist attack. (Pt. 1 of 2)"
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"The officers must deal with all of the Halloween mayhem and debauchery, some of which they actually cause themselves."
Season 2 - Reno 911!
"Dangle is promoted to brass and has to leave Reno. Before he goes, he has to say his goodbyes and settle a few scores."
"Wiegel has a new boyfriend. The only problem is that the other deputies think he might be the Truckee River Killer."
"A British inspector on an exchange program visits Reno to learn their methods and share a few of his own with Garcia."
"Dangle's ex-wife visits just as the deputies are trying to get rid of the Ten Commandments monument on their front lawn."
"Revered Gary and his camera crew shoot in the Reno Sheriff Department."
"The Annual Policemen's Ball is threatened when the local firemen schedule their Pancake Dinner the same night."
"As the deputies struggle to save their moustaches from a county-ordered shave, Jones worries about a psychic's prediction."
"Garcia and Wiegel sign up to do security for Kenny Rogers' book signing and end up doing a horrible job. They really wanted to impress him because they are huge fans, but they end up looking really foolish."
"When the lieutenant governor's brother goes missing, the Reno Sheriff Department gets help from a less-than-helpful FBI agent. Garcia and Jones take a dying cancer patient on a field trip."
"Williams discovers the Nation of Islam and sets about changing her ways, as well as the ways of several other Deputies."
"Garcia and Johnson start unexpectedly dating and the apartment is pretty disgusted by the change. Johnson begins to have very strong feelings for Garcia, but Garcia may feel differently."
"Jones and Garcia go undercover to bust a drug sting, but they end up enjoying themselves. Williams catches Deputy Johnson at another job and decides she also wants to work there to after hearing what the pay was like."
"The Deputies in Reno are assigned traffic control for a presidential whistle-stop visit."
"After dozens of complaints, The Reno department gets a disciplinary auditor who suspends the deputy's for two weeks. When they all come back after their suspension, Junior, Johnson and Dangle go on a sex slave sting and Junior ends up getting married to an Asian woman who doesn't speak a word of English."
"Deputies Garcia and Jones are caught on tape, looking like they were beating an Innocent man, so District Attorney Mike Powers is investigating the Reno Sheriff's department by interviewing each Deputy one by one including Sheriff Chechekevitch. Weigel, Dangle and Jones try to get a weasel out of a wall. Weigel brings a cake to Craig in jail."
"The D.A. Mike Powers continues to investigate the Department and he finds out more scandals about the deputies. Jones and Garcia make a pact that they will have each others back against the D.A., which doesn't last long. Inmate Terry the Taco Guy causes problems again. Mike Powers ends up firing the entire Reno Sheriff's Department and they are not allowed to leave town because they are under indictment."
Season 3 - Reno 911!
"Reno's finest start out the third season in the pokey where they spend their time getting kitten tattoos and trying to clear their name."
"All the ex-deputies continue on their new jobs, but they all keep getting threatening messages from Mike Powers that they don't pay much attention too. All of them meet up later and learn that Mike Powers got them all together to kill them."
"Now that all the Reno deputies have their jobs back for somehow cuffing Mike Powers, they begin to test new recruits to have a spot in the Sheriffs department. All the deputies have a different favorite recruit, but the new addition to the force is definitely a unique one."
"The host of the children's show, Reading Ron, brings his own camera crew into the Reno Sheriffs Department to learn about the day of an officer. Reading Ron goes cruising and out on missions, and he begins to learn that Reno is not a very kids friendly place. Weigel, Dangle and Jones get trapped in a SARS outbreak. They have to be contained and have only a two days to live."
"The Reno Sherriffs Department have their hands full with a criminal who is in fact the fastest criminal driver in Reno. Kimball and Weigel give psycho Mike Powers a visit."
"Dangle and Kimball go to escort the leader of Reno's sister city on an official visit. Junior and Wiegel represent the Department at the high school's career day. Garcia and Jones fall over themselves helping two young women stranded on the highway."
"Jones becomes the voice over for a carpet company which earns him a lot of money which makes him consider quiting his job at the Reno Sheriffs Department. Weigel and Dangle go to a crime scene to try and solve what happened. Junior and Garcia find themselves in a competitive paint ball gun match."
"The department assigns Williams and Garcia to guard Liberace's piano and Williams begins to think that if you wish for something by the piano, it will come true. Clemmy is dating a 74 year old man who is very rich. He proposes to her, but he dies before she can tell him yes. Clemmy later decides to have Junior, Jones and Weigel help her put on a fake wedding so she can be a widow and get all of his money."
"It's Garcia's birthday and the Reno Sheriffs Department want to celebrate it with him, but Garica says he already has plans. The deputies later discover that Garcia is with a woman and they think that he could have a secret girlfriend."
"While Dangle spends time with a beautiful young man who might be his son, the other deputies enjoy the new Sheriff's Department Humvee."
"The Reno Sherriffs Department prepares for the arrival of the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. They have to let citizens of Reno know that they are coming to film and they also have to do security for the actors. Garica and Jones have their hands full with 'The Water Heater Lady'. They find her running around in the middle of the street with a row of carts."
"After a drug sting gone wrong, Dangle and Junior have to make it back to the station on foot. Naked."
"Wiegel has good news and bad news: her boyfriend has finally proposed, but his appeals have also finally run out. He's going to be executed for multiple murders."
Season 4 - Reno 911!
"Did Dangle and Garcia freeze to death? Did Wiegel's serial killer husband get lethally injected? What is Carrot Top doing in Reno?"
"While Garcia goes undercover to bust undocumented workers and the people that hire them, Junior takes the day off to spend time with his brothers."
"When one of the lonely deputy's die, the Reno Sheriff's Department go to terminate his vehicle, which is also his home, but they instead find his beautiful jet ski. All the deputies go into hysterics fighting over who gets to possess the jet ski. Weigel goes to Lamaze class and flirts with the instructor."
"When a crime wave floods the streets of Reno, the Sheriff's Department is helped by Citizens Patrolman Rick."
"Spanish Mike Alvarez returns to tempt, confuse, and befuddle the deputies from within their own jail."
"A murder of the local sheriff of Reno has the department questioning his wife who has been clearly having an affair. Before the sheriff died he told Deputy Dangle to avenge his death. So Dangle is doing everything he can to catch the culprit. Jim later discovers at the morgue that the sheriff was in fact killed by peanuts."
"The investigation continues on the sheriff's death and the facts so far are that he was poisoned and his wife's new boyfriend is part of the Armenian Mafia. The Reno Sheriffs department re-question the wife who is still the number one suspect and they learn that her husband had an insurance policy worth $250,000. Weigl continues to go to Lamaze class for her baby on the way."
"The Reno Sheriff's Department gets a corporate sponsor: Hotty's Restaurants."
"Kimball decides to take the sin out of Clementine and invites her to a Christian singles get-together. Clementine is herself and manages to show her stuff when she forgets to wear under garments while being baptized."
"The Reno Sheriff's department is campaigning to vote \"yes\" on proposition C, which will give the deputy's a higher pay raise. But when Williams and Wiegel take a look at the votes and see that that they didn't get the outcome they wanted, they decide to take matters into their own hands to get the raise they do want."
"Garcia and Jones get transferred to mounted patrol. But Garcia finds out he is extremely allergic to the horse they have to ride on so he quits that job. He goes back to the department and is later surprised to find out that Jones doesn't want to quit the job. Junior is shot and he wants to kiss Kimball before he dies, but he believes she is a lesbian. Kimball decides to prove him differently."
"Kimball talks to Clemmy about the awkward kiss that she had with her cousin Junior. Dangle and Junior ask psycho Mike a few questions. Deputy Jones has a talk with the local public school. Dangle has another unexpected surprise with his bicycle."
"Kimball's one year anniversary on the force is up, and she gives a speech that the department doesn't really care for. Willams and Wiegel are on stake out duty and they get way more entertained then they thought they would. The department tests out the jaws of life. Jim is invited to his ex-wife's and her new husband's anniversary party and finds himself in an uncomfortable situation."
"Dangle is proposed to by his ex-wife's husband Leslie, and Dangles says yes. Dangle has the men in his department be in the wedding, but Garcia is very uncomfortable with the situation. Weigel decides to surprise Dangle by jumping out of cake for him before the wedding, but she ends up going into labor."
Season 5 - Reno 911!
"Dangle's marriage ceremony is interrupted by Garcia who stops the wedding by stating the law that same sex marriage isn't allowed in the state of Nevada. Weigel gives birth to a boy and decides to sell him for $10,000. She also knows who the real father is."
"While out on a warrant arrest, the Deputies run into Tommy Hawk on his reality show. Hawk makes the Deputies look really stupid without really trying. Weigel goes to the local community home to take care of a man who seems to like being taken care of a little too much. The Sheriff's department hires a sex slave to work as a receptionist."
"The department\u00c3\u0082's new, women\u00c3\u0082's specific bullet-proof vests have an unexpected side effect: Super Knockers."
"Mayor Hernandez visits the Reno Sheriffs Department, and he asks the Deputies to have his back because he is in trouble with the law. This begins to effect the job when Dangle and Junior pull over the Mayor's wife and don't give her a DUI."
"The Reno Sherrifs Department begins to sell Coconut Nut Clusters for the sheriffs athletic league, and whoever sells the most gets two tickets to the play \"Our Town\". Kimball and Jones have the hardest time selling the candy because it seems every time they try, something really horrible happens."
"Dangle's estranged father has died and his half-siblings come to town to settle the will with him. Before they come, Dangle ask Williams to be his fake girlfriend so his relatives wont think he is gay."
"Jones and Garcia go undercover at Burger Cousin because it has been robbed eleven times in the past month. When at the job the Deputies find out that they have a very crazy, mean and rude boss."
"Junior and Garcia volunteer to build a wall on the border to keep Mexican immigrants out of America. Dangle and Wiegel go on an underage sting only to completely mess up the whole thing."
"The Reno Sheriffs department visit Jackie in the hospital because she is dieing of Lupus. They all begin to feel that they don't care if she dies. Dangle and Junior go over Terry the Taco Guy's parole hearing. The Department becomes a drop off for parents who don't want their new born babies and the deputies find themselves with their hands full."
"Officers of the new Iraqi police force comes to the Reno Sheriffs Department to be trained. The Iraqi officer begin to take advantage of the stupidity of the Reno sheriffs. Deputy Johnson gives some pretty bad advice to teens about drinking and driving. Weigel and Dangle have to cut stuffed animals open that are actually stuffed with cocaine."
"Deputies begin to show their true sides when they think they won the Lotto, but it appears the their was a misprint and no one won. The Deputies of Reno get half off on tanning at the new local tanning booth and Dangle gets completely burnt."
"Raineesha Williams is the center of attention when a reporter from Strong Sister magazine drops in to do an in-depth profile on her."
"A Native-American man comes to the Reno Sheriffs Department claiming he is Weigel's father. Weigel recognizes him from his mug shot and is very happy to have him back in her life. However, the rest of the deputies feel that their something is not right with Weigel's new dad."
"Junior finally finds a job he wants more than Sheriff's Deputy: Commissioner for Animal Carcass Removal."
"In order to boost arrest percentages in undercover operations, the officers take acting lessons from Sergeant Clift from LAPD."
"The Reno Sheriff's Department have to decorate a cop car for the local parade, but they are having a hard time deciding on what theme they want to do. They later decide to go with a 9\/11 theme, and on their way to the parade they are involved in a horrific accident."
Season 6 - Reno 911!
"Did the Reno Deputies survive their horrible taco stand accident? Find out what happened, and what happens next, in this exciting season six premiere. Guest Starring Jonah Hill."
"When a suspected criminal turns himself in, the deputies get a free extradition vacation to Thailand. Guest starring Patton Oswalt."
"Lt. Dangle and Williams haggle with a convicted serial killer to get him to show them where he buried his victims."
"Lt. Dangle decides to host a murder mystery dinner, inviting his ex-wife, her ex-fianc\u00c3\u0083\u00c2\u00a9, and her new fianc\u00c3\u0083\u00c2\u00a9. What could possibly go wrong? Guest starring Rachel Harris and Scott Thompson."
"The deputies struggle to solve a real murder at Dangle's murder mystery dinner party. Guest starring Rachel Harris and Scott Thompson."
"When the Pope's advance scouting team comes to Reno, the Deputies give them a tour of the city that ensures they never come back."
"The deputies reminisce about their early years in law enforcement as they update their evidence tapes to DVD."
"When Reno's Mayor calls for help, the Deputies leap into action! Even if he just needs help getting rid of a prostitute in his hotel room. Again. Guest starring George Lopez."
"Wiegel and Rizzo get to know each other better while trapped in a fleeing criminal's mobile home."
"As a drug-addled touring company of \"Jesus Christ Superstar\" causes trouble in Reno, Lt. Dangle finally stages his (very belated) 10th Year Anniversary Tribute to Lady Di."
"The Sheriff's Department hires Reno's finest director, Levon French, to help them make a new recruitment commercial. Guest starring Craig Robinson."
"Deputies are sent on a special assignment to crack down on illegal, knock off toys and party favors, ruining kids' parties all over Reno. Guest starring Human Giant."
"Jones and Williams go undercover to penetrate a steamy, underground Swingers' club."
"When strange lights are reported in the desert, and mysterious, unnamed deputies show up around the station, do we have to include them in Secret Santa?"
"Wiegel needs someone to join her in couple's therapy because her insurance for personal psychiatry ran out. Raineesha Williams gets stuck with her."
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