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Steven Universe - Season 2 Episode 9

Pearl teaches Connie how to sword fight on Steven's request but it doesn't go quite as planned.

Episode: 9/26 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.4

Season 2 - Steven Universe
"Steven meets Uncle Grandpa while trying to unlock the power of his mother's gem. Hilarity and weirdness ensues."
"Greg tells Steven about how he met Rose and how meeting Rose changed his universe."
"Steven and Buck Dewey make T-Shirts inspired by a flyer ad Steven made."
"Jamie the Mailman is in love with Garnet and pours his heart into a love letter he leaves for her but, Garnet is a relationship and 3 is a crowd. When Steven and Connie help write a reply to let down Jamie easy it all goes wrong."
"Steven, Amethyst and Garnet chase a corrupted gem monster through the Temple."
"Pearl teaches Connie how to sword fight on Steven's request but it doesn't go quite as planned."
"Ronaldo is creating a documentary about whether Steven and the Crystal Gems are safe for the town of Beach City."
"Steven and the Crystal Gems revisit the Kindergarten and find a dark secret."
"We Need to Talk: Greg tells Steven and Connie the story of how he learned about Gem fusion."
"The gang goes out to search for Lapis and Jasper's fusion when night falls. Steven, Pearl and Amethyst are forced by Garnet to stay home and rest, but Steven starts having vivid dreams of the two they have been looking for."
"Steven's favorite TV show gets interrupted by a magical disturbance."
"Steven, Greg, and Garnet face challenges and adventures, making interesting stops along the way as they head out on the open road on a road trip together."
"Steven and Amethyst visit the strange world of Onion's house."
"Steven helps Jamie with his play about Beach city."
"The Crystal Gems explore an ancient Gem spaceship."
"Steven and Connie must sneak into a hospital to recover Rose's sword from Connie's mother."
"After Steven finds Sadie singing in the Big Donut, he and her mom work to get Sadie to sing at this year's Beach-a-Palooza as the secret guest."
"An unlikely visitor seeks help from Steven. When the Gems intervene, Steven takes matters into his own hands."
"When Steven helps a friend who is afraid of storms, a new alliance is formed."
"Pearl and Peridot build robots in a barn."
"Amethyst finds mocking others very funny until she's the one who gets mocked."
"Garnet tells Steven the story of how she became a crystal gem"
"Steven has a birthday party out at the barn, and decides he has some growing up to do."
"While working on their drill, Peridot and the Gems realize they're missing something important and must travel to a Homeworld base."
"Peridot double-crosses the Crystal Gems when she activates a direct line Communicator to contact Yellow Diamond."
"Whilst Peridot is in turmoil over her actions, Steven listens to her audio diary and learns how she and Garnet learned to get along during her time at the barn, despite their radical differences."
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