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Steven Universe - Season 5 Episode 18

Steven helps Pearl find her cell phone.

Episode: 18/18 eps

Duration: 11 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2013

IMDb: 8.4

Season 5 - Steven Universe
"Steven and Lars spend some time together."
"Steven goes to court with the Diamonds and is put on trial."
"Steven and Lars discover some unexpected allies. And Lars finds something in himself he doesn't know he has."
"Steven and Lars together on home world learn a lot about how things work there"
"Steven helps Mayor Dewey face a new political foe."
"The Crystal Gems and Greg decides that Steven needs a vacation after his experiences on Homeworld."
"Pumpkin mysteriously goes missing."
"Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot visit the Kindergarten again, and try introduce life back to it."
"Sadie is struggling to handle working without Lars. Steven and the Cool Kids start a band."
"Kevin invites Connie and Steven to a party"
"Steven and Connie go visit Lars in space but things have changed."
"Stevonnie crash lands on a unknown planet."
"Steven takes Garnet to meet his new friends."
"Steven shoots a documentary about Sadie Killer and the Suspects."
"Steven and Garnet explore the most unlikely time lines within Beach City."
"Steven writes letters to Lars talking about the latest news and events that transpired in Beach City."
"Steven travels to the moon to identify a plethora of answers to his questions while coming across a certain friend unexpectedly."
"Steven helps Pearl find her cell phone."
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