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Vice Principals

A dark comedy series about a high school and the two vice principals. McBride and Walton Goggins star as the V.P.s who are an in epic power struggle, vying for the top spot: to be school principal. The villain of the series is Walton Goggins, the...

Duration:30 mins

Quality: HD



Season 1 - Vice Principals
"When the principal of a high school retires, his two vice principals go to extremes to land the vacant job."
"Gamby and Russell invade Dr. Brown's private space; a school evaluator spooks the vice principals."
"Gamby looks to impress Amanda on a field trip organized by Mr. Hayden, a good-guy history teacher."
"Gamby and Russell eye a homecoming football game as a way to further break Dr. Brown's spirit."
"Dr. Brown orders Gamby to lighten up on discipline; Russell copes with a disruptive neighbor."
"Amanda makes a deal with Gamby, while Dr. Brown takes a veteran teacher to task over a shipment of missing books."
"Gamby bonds with Amanda during teacher workday; Russell's patience is tested; Dr. Brown deals with the sudden appearance of her ex-husband, Dascious."
"Gamby and Russell look to finish what they started; Gamby confronts Amanda about her relationship with Hayden."
"Gamby and Russell play their end game with Dr. Brown."
Season 2 - Vice Principals
"Gamby returns to a changed school. Starts the hunt for the person who shot him."
"Gamby fingers a suspect, with Dayshawn's help; Russell tests out a kindness strategy at school."
"Gamby's search for his shooter leads him into a novelist's graduate-school class; Russell's ire is fueled by an unflattering caricature."
"Going away for his father's funeral, Lee leaves Gamby to be principal, for one day."
"Russel is throwing a big birthday party for himself, but a secret from his past may derail his relationship with christine"
"A plot to sabotage a standardized test jeopardizes Russell's job as Gamby is caught in the middle."
"Gamby gets unexpected company on spring break; Amanda is illuminated during a writer's retreat."
"Tensions between Gamby and Russell come to a head as prom night approaches."
"The school year comes to a startling end."
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